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    Ferroalloys of the best quality

    Ferroalloys of the Ukrainian origin corresponding to all quality standards.

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FFerroalloys – are alloys of iron with different other elements. Similarly to them may refer, but rather relatively, some types of alloys, containing iron as admixtures, and metals and non-metals, amount of admixtures in which are minimal.

Ferroalloys are obtained at smelting shafts or electric furnaces from concentrates and ores and mainly used for deoxidization, that is, removal of oxygen from molten metals and alloyage (adding admixtures for the improving of the base material properties) of steel.


These are alloys in the form of ingots, blocks, bars or similar forms, as well as in the form of granules or powders, agglomerated or not, commonly used in the steel industry, as alloying, deoxidizing, desulphurizers or conditioning agents.

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These are alloys of iron with chromium, manganese, nickel, silicon, vanadium, etc., which are obtained from iron ore and other elements mainly at electric furnaces. They are used in steel production for deoxidation and producing of constructional steel.

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  • 27 March
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    13th Asian Ferroalloys Conference
  • 11 Nov.
    Metal Bulletin Events
    28th International Ferro-alloys Conference
  • About company

    The company MTC Mineral Trading Company GmbH, registered in 2004, is an Austrian trading company, which sells ferroalloys, scrap metal and other raw materials for the steel industry.

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    • Exclusive rights

      Letters from the Ukrainian producer of exclusive rights to supply raw materials to European markets.
  • Clients

    We cooperate with the largest metallurgical concerns:

    • TMK Group
    • Mechel Group
    • ISD Group
    • Sidenor SA
    • Exiros Group
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    Office in Kyiv, Ukraine:
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    E-mail:: info@mtc-metals.com

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